Spread Holiday Cheer with a Shop Local Campaign

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As the holiday season approaches, many businesses begin to ramp up their marketing efforts. However, small businesses may not have the budget to compete with national retailers. So how can small businesses make the most of the holiday season? One way is to participate in or launch a holiday shop local campaign.

Shop local campaigns are a great way to support the local economy and strengthen the community. When customers shop at local businesses, they are supporting their friends and neighbors. This also keeps more money in the local economy, which circulates and benefits everyone. In addition, small businesses often give back to the community in ways that big box stores cannot. For example, they may sponsor little league teams or donate to local charities.

There are many ways for businesses to get involved in shop local campaigns. From the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce, here are a few ideas:

Supporting Your Community During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving, and businesses can play an important role in giving back to their communities. There are many ways to do this, but some simple steps can make a big difference. For example, businesses can donate products or services to local charities. They can also sponsor holiday events or offer discounts to customers who donate to a good cause. By taking action to give back during the holidays, businesses can show their commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. And that's something everyone can feel good about.

Start a Holiday Shop Local Campaign

Another way businesses can support a shop local campaign is by launching their own campaign. This could involve partnering with other local businesses to offer joint discounts or hosting events that promote shopping locally. Businesses could also decorate their storefronts and put up holiday banners that promote shopping locally.

Incentivize Local Shopping

Businesses can also incentivize shopping locally by offering special discounts or promotions. For example, they could offer a percentage off for customers who mention the shop local campaign when they make a purchase. Or, they could offer a free gift with purchase for customers who spend a certain amount of money at the store.

Another strategy for attracting local holiday shoppers is to offer a gift guide featuring your products. A PDF is a useful way to distribute your guide to shoppers. It’s easy to create your PDF guide from a Word document with a free PDF converter. Once complete, you can print copies to share in store as well as email copies to your mailing list.

Promote a Holiday Shop Local Campaign

Once a holiday shop local campaign is launched, it is important to promote it so that people are aware of it. Businesses can promote the campaign through social media, email marketing, or by placing ads in local publications. It is also important to use hashtags and mention other participating businesses so that people can easily find information about the campaign.

Support Other Businesses With Co-Hosted Events and Joint Marketing

Finally, businesses can support one another with joint marketing and co-hosted events. For example, they could team up with other businesses to create social media posts or distribute flyers about the campaign. They could also co-host events such as trunk shows or holiday parties. By working together, businesses can amplify their reach and make an even bigger impact on their community.

As you can see, there are many benefits to participating in or launching a holiday shop local campaign. These campaigns are a great way to support the community and encourage people to shop at small businesses during the holidays. If you're thinking about getting involved in a shop local campaign this year, consider some of the ideas mentioned above. And if you're feeling especially ambitious, why not start your own campaign? Whatever you decide to do, remember that supporting small businesses during the holidays is essential for keeping our communities strong!

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